Detention Resistance

Currently I volunteer for Detention Resistance, an abolitionist grassroots collective that provides direct support to detained people and to shut down Otay Mesa Detention Center. Donate on Venmo @detentionresistance

Free Them All San Diego

Free Them All San Diego is a coalition of organizations and activists based in the San Diego-Tijuana region who are committed to affirming migration as a human right. To achieve this, we are building for a world without cages, border walls, armed enforcers, and institutions built upon a foundation of white supremacy. Our work starts with closing the Otay Mesa Detention Center and freeing them all.


  • We believe in the freedom of movement and that migration is a human right
  • We stand in solidarity with all migrants, refugees, and those seeking asylum, without condition
  • We struggle for abolition and for building a world without cages, borders, and armed enforcers 
  • We support the decolonization of all occupied lands 
  • We strive to build a democratic movement that is multi-racial, multi-ethnic, gender-inclusive, disability-inclusive, and welcoming of all faiths 
  • We center the liberation of the oppressed in all aspects of our organizing 

Political Education Series Workshops

ICE Detention is Eugenics (slideshow)

Allies to End Detention (past)

Allies to End Detention was a group of community members concerned about the welfare of migrants and refugees detained by the government of the United States. I resigned from A2ED in the early fall of 2020. 

Op-Ed in the San Diego Union Tribune

Virtual Teach-in on the COVID-19 crisis at Otay Mesa Detention Center
Virtual Teach-In: Detention/Pandemic: The Crisis at the Otay Mesa Detention Center. Recorded Thursday, May 28, 2020. Featuring Vanessa Ceceña from American Friends Service Committee US-Mexico Border Program; Monika Langarica from ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties; and Cynthia Marlene Galaz from Freedom for Immigrant. Moderated by Simeon Man and Jess Whatcott. Hosted by UC San Diego Institute of Arts and Humanities.

Bar None (past)

Bar None was a grassroots abolitionist group acting in solidarity with people in California prisons, primarily Pelican Bay State Prison’s solitary confinement unit. Founded in Humboldt County in 1999, Bar None went on indefinite hiatus in 2013.

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